Stay Home

Thank you Hot Sugar Band in France for inviting my partner, Evan Christopher, and I to create a family music video for their new “Stay Home” song,¬†composed and recorded in quarantine. We immediately loved the idea, but it was tough to pick up my camera and get into a creative frame of mind in the face of tremendous loss of loved ones that we were all experiencing.

For the first scene, our dear friends, Josh and Elsa from Fish-Pot Studios turned up to capture the drone footage. We exchanged stories and far away hugs from our balcony to where they stood in the middle of the street. Even from a long distance, that moment of connection and creation, gave me some fire to set up a portrait studio in a our backyard and develop the remaining scenes together as a family. This is our first video and we had a lot of fun creating it.

Today, April 14th, marks the 30th day without leaving home. Save lives, stay home, friends.